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The People First Party is frequently asked questions about our work

Have a look through our frequently asked questions below and if you still haven’t found what you are looking for, please feel free to contact our party leader who can give you a call back to answer any questions not found here. 

Questions about who we are

The People First Party was founded in early 2021 and works in Australia to elect its endorsed members to local, state and federal government. The People First Party is the political wing of the People First Movement, which is underpinned by People First Ethics.

We are a political party with the primary focus of electing enough of our candidates to parliament so that we may form government in Australia, and enact our policy and ethical vision. 

The People First Party is a political organisation and the political wing of the People First Movement. We have no membership or affiliation to any religion, and welcome all Australians to join our movement for change.

As part of the People First Movement, the People First Party operates explicitly within Australia. We are active in every state and territory of our country. 



Questions about our history

Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit, a trade unionist and former political candidate as an Independent candidate founded the People First Party in Queensland in 2021. The party represented a continuation of Finn’s political work and came into existence following an outpouring of calls by Finn’s supporters to continue his political fight to put the people of our country first. 

Questions about our volunteering

Yes! Volunteers play a vital role in helping us improve the lives of vulnerable children. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, become part of the People First Party community and help you improve your career prospects. Find out more about volunteering with us.


There are a number of ways you can use your time and skills to support our work, even if you have a full time job. Some volunteer roles require only a few hours on a weekend while others involve a longer, ongoing commitment outside of office hours.


Our volunteers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and ages with a wide range of skills and experiences. From young people to retirees, professionals and people looking for work, we encourage everyone to volunteer.


We have limited capacity to accept interns. We accept applications from post-graduate students interested in undertaking an internship with us, but we don’t accept a set intake each year. All internship positions are arranged and appointed on an individual basis and as needs arise. If you’re interested in applying, visit our Careers page.


Questions about our accountability

The People First Party has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption, to ensure that we can continue our important work to create political change in our country. To safeguard against fraud and corruption we apply strict financial controls in all our dealings with partner organisations.  

To keep travel costs to a minimum and to ensure we invest as much funding as possible in programs for our political mission, we always book the cheapest possible airfares.  All of our staff including the President & Leader fly economy class, whether travelling in Australia or overseas.


No! The People First Party does not accept any donations made by corporations or lobbyists. 

Any donations made to the party, in the name of the corporation are refunded upon being identified. We also do not take any donations or funding from lobbyists as identified by the federal lobbyist register. 

To ensure compliance, we have developed our own proprietary anti-corporate donation management system and regularly audit ourselves. We make the results of these audits public domain, and track incidents so that we can continue to improve our proprietary system to ensure strong compliance. 

This is one of our fundamental values, and we take it seriously. If we mess up, we will publicly acknowledge the incident and take responsibility.

We are proud to be the only Australian political party that does not take corporate money, and we hope to set an example for other parties to follow our lead.

For that reason, we make our proprietary anti-corporate donation management system available upon request to Australian political parties that request it, wishing to implement it.

The People First Party is funded by regular gifts from our members, and by businesses established within our movement that exist for the sole purpose of generating funds for the party. 

Yes. Our code of conduct is currently under construction.

Questions about supporting the People First Paryty

You can change your details online or simply contact our Supporter Care by emailing headoffice@peoplefirstparty.org with your request. We will send you confirmation so that you can rest assured that we’ve received your request.


Please send us an email at headoffice@peoplefirstparty.org with your request will send you confirmation of any changes you request.


As part of our commitment to honouring and respecting the financial contributions made by our supporters, the People First Party has developed the following refund policy. In acknowledgement of the generosity of our donors and of their critical importance to our organisation, we want to ensure we establish appropriate principles of transparency and fairness in regard to the management of refunds.

This policy outlines the circumstances under which the People First party will refund a donation.

Refunds will be returned using the original method of payment – if a donation has been made by credit card, the refund must be credited to that same credit card. Refund requests must be made by either the person who made the donation, a named person on the record or the cardholder.

In the event that fraud is involved, the matter will be reported to the police. 

We understand that mistakes can be made when making donations online, in this instance, we will honour all refund requests that are made within 30 days of the original donation date. 

In any instance where an error has been made by the People First Party, or any of our third-party affiliates, we will honour a refund request made within 90 days of the donation date. We’ll need the supporter to provide details of the initial transaction – including date, donation amount, supporters’s name, ID, tax invoice number and the nature of the error. In the event of a refund we will issue a new tax receipt and the original will become invalid. 

We urge anyone who is wishing to make a donation to consider their decision carefully and check the value of their donation before finalising any transactions. In order to protect the funding structure and expectations of our programming and operations, we cannot issue a refund after 90 days of the donation date. If the donation amount is over $250 refund requests will have to be escalated to, and approved by the Supporter Care Manager.

Absolutely! Simply contact our Supporter Care Team on headoffice@peoplefirstparty.org and they will add your spouse as a supporter.


To amend the date that we debit your bank account or credit card, please email our Supporter Care Team at headoffice@peoplefirstparty.org


As the People First Party is still awaiting official recognition by the Australian electoral commission as a political party, any gifts made to the party are currently non-tax-deductible. 

We expect to be federally registered as a political party by 2022, at which point any gifts made to us will be tax-deductible.

To facilitate this transition, all active givers will be phoned and emailed to update them on this development. We have written procedures to make this process smooth as possible. Upon obtaining tax-deductible status, we will mail our regular givers a tax receipt at the end of the financial year to make the process of claiming your gifts as easy as possible.

Presently, Australians may deduct up to $1,500 donated to political parties from their taxes. 

Your tax receipt is automatically sent to you at the end of each financial year, so you can expect to receive it from us in July. If you have misplaced a previous tax receipt, you can contact us at headoffice@peoplefirstparty.org and we will happily send you a copy. Please keep us updated if you change your address so that we can ensure prompt and safe receipt of your tax invoice.

Currently, this service is not being offered as we do not have tax-deductible status. See: ‘Are my gifts to People First Party tax-deductible’ in this FAQ for more information.


If you need assistance when making a donation online, please don’t hesitate to contact a friendly member of Supporter Care Team at headoffice@peoplefirstparty.org

If you don’t want to donate via direct debit, we have a range of alternative options. You can make monthly donations via cheque, money order or direct deposit into our bank account.

People First Party, Santos Place, Level 27/32 Turbot St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 If you wish to make a direct deposit into our bank account or you have any further questions please contact our Supporter Care Team at headoffice@peoplefirstparty.org.

We are currently setting up Bpay. Please check back here later.

Please send us a message and we will happily assist you with your request. You can also read our Privacy Policy for more information.