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This month, we are focusing on two important issues. Take action by signing our petition to show your support for our initiatives.

We aren't like other political parties.

We don't take corporate political donations or donations from lobbyists.

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What's Happening In June 2021:

From The Desk of Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit:

June marks our 6th month as a political party. As a party, we are now beginning to expand our focus from our federal division to our state divisions with the objective of getting us ready to contest state elections starting from next year. 

Both our deputy leader and I will be traveling to Western Australia to help our state team organise the People First Party WA division. We are also planning a trip to meet with our state team in Tasmania.

Action Centre:

Want to support us but unsure what to do next? In the action centre, we will give you some actions that you can do to have a big impact on the success of our political party. 

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The People First Party is strict when it comes to donations. We never want to be in the pocket of someone else. 

That means we have decided to not accept any corporate political donations or donations from lobbyists. Instead, we are solely funded by normal people like you.

The next action step you can take is clicking here, and setting up a monthly donation to us.

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Under 21? Get Active in Our Youth Wing!

Did you know the People First Party just started a youth wing? Membership is $5 a month and open to all Australians under the age of 21. 

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