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What We Stand For:

People First Party is a modern, forward-looking movement which embraces the values of classical conservatism, making it relevant to today’s society.

Our fundamental principles are based around the belief that the interests of people and families should take precedence over the interests of corporations and lobbyists.
Our mission is to break the corrupt mould of Australian politics where, for too long, mainstream parties have been subservient to the highest bidder, and have forgotten about the needs of normal people. We do not accept donations from corporations and lobbyists, only from private individuals.

Our policies are to promote the family unit which we believe is the bedrock of Australian society. 

Our stated aim is to ensure large businesses and corporations pay their fair share of taxation to ease the burden of hardworking Australians who are currently having to pay too much.

Our policy is to take essential industries and resources back into Australian ownership for the benefit of all Australians.

Our goal is to create a modern, thriving Australia, at ease with itself, where people and families can thrive with hard work and initiative. 
Our party is warmly welcoming to all Australians, of whatever heritage and persuasion, who share our ideals and wish to see Australia flourish.

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Who Am I?

Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit is the President and Party Leader of People First Party.
Finn identified the need for a new force in Australian politics noticing how the current establishment parties had become consumed by corporate and other interests which were not benefitting normal Australians.
Before launching the People First Party on the 1st of January 2021, Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit contested the seat of Bulimba in the Queensland 2020 state election as an Independent, receiving close to 700 votes.   
Finn has created a strong executive team to ensure the long-term success of the Party.
Finn is currently set to be engaged to be married and lives in Brisbane. He is a devout, non-denominational Christian.

Core Policy

  • End foreign ownership of the Port of Darwin

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