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What Projects Are We Working On?


The Chinese-owned Landbridge Group currently has a 99-year lease to own the Port of Darwin. 

We want to take back our port from China and return it to Australian ownership.


Water corruption in Australia is out of control. The  Murray–Darling Basin is being grossly mismanaged.

We want to end the corruption and safeguard our water supply.

Join the People First Party Right Now

The next Federal Election will be held next year. We need to have the minimum 500 members required for registration so we can contest that election as a party.  Help put normal Australians first by becoming a member of the People First Party Today. Click the Sign Up button. It’s free and only takes 2 minutes to complete.

Action Centre:

Want to support us but unsure what to do next? In the action centre, we will give you some actions that you can do to have a big impact on the success of our political party. 

The best way for you to take action is to click here to sign up as a free member.

It will take you less than 2 minutes to fill out our online membership application form.

To win elections and promote our movement we need volunteers on the ground taking action. Click here to sign up as a volunteer.  

Help the People First Party grow our organisation and be a strong, effective political force in Australia.  

The People First Party is strict when it comes to donations. We never want to be in the pocket of someone else. 

That means we have decided to not accept any corporate political donations or donations from lobbyists. Instead, we are solely funded by normal people like you.

The next action step you can take is clicking here, and setting up a monthly donation to us that equals your hourly rate.

This recurring donation will go towards allowing us to be a fully independent political force.

What's Happening In April 2021

April marks our fourth month as a political party and we have a lot planned both online and on the ground. This month we are setting to work building the digital army that we will mobilise to make our recent arrival in politics known. 

Our Party Leader will be live streaming regularly to talk about the issues like, China, Immigration, and Water Corruption. Your job is to attend the live streams and show the political establishment that normal people like us are fed up with the status quo and are getting politically active to change it.

Upcoming Events

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